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Goldspot Miner Limited Edition

The largest 8GB RAM means extra headroom for unforeseen blockchain challenges. Increase your chances to be mining when others cannot.

Dedicated Premium Goldspot Discord for fast track access to our support.

Expedited miner replacements in the event of hardware faults.

Exclusive Goldspot features in future firmware releases.

A shiny, Instagrammable miner. We all know this is the most important.




Gadgets Game Shop cryptocurrency sourcing and co-location services ensure that your investment is protected. Our goal is to maximize your uptime, and as a result, your ROI.

 Trust Gadgets Game Shop  Mining to run your mining operation. With 25 years of experience in traditional data centers, Frontier knows how to increase your operation’s profitability.

Gadgets Game Shop Mining is your premier partner in the mining space. Our suite of services can help you acquire, deploy and manage your miners in one cohesive solution.

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One team. One platform.
All of the critical crypto mining capabilities.

It’s difficult to source stable and reliable crypto-mining servers.
It’s even harder to power, cool, and manage the equipment once you have it.

We provide our clients with custom-fit, Mining-As-A-Service capabilities that will make you successful in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets.